Walrus Oil Review

Walrus Oil Review

Since embarking on our journey that has become our woodworking business, we sought out products that we not only believe are quality, but also superior products. Originally, we used pure mineral oil and off the shelf oils and waxes to finish our cutting boards, but after doing some research and testing, we have decided to use Walrus Oil cutting board oil and wax before sending our boards to their new homes. It not only is an easy one coat per product, but also easy to use.

Walrus Oil Wood Wax And Cutting Board Oil

We love that Walrus oil is 100% food safe, yet still offers a satin/semi-gloss sheen to our cutting boards. Our cutting boards pop with the woods natural colors when we add Walrus oil and the cutting board wax  adds and extra layer of protection between maintenance.

Walrus Oil Furniture Wax And Furniture Finish

We will be adding to our lineup of Walrus oil furniture finish as the appropriate custom projects arise and can’t wait to show our clients the great results! 

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